Urban Pop in the Harbour Cave June 25 - June 29

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Urban Pop in the Harbour Cave

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Urban Pop in the Harbour Cave assembles arguably the best Pop and Urban artists in Australia in fantastically unique location in the most iconic part of Sydney - the Harbour Cave.
​This amazing group of exceptionally talented artists includes the internationally famous  Pop artist Johnny Romeo. Also Internationally very well recognised is Urban artist Anthony Lister. They are joined by some of our best known Australian Urban artists, Phibs, Scott Marsh and Jumbo. Not to be over shadowed are Numskull, HAHA, Camo, Karen Farmer and Martin Claydon      

This exceptional group show will open to the public Monday June 25 through to Friday June 29,

2018. Tickets are free and available through Eventbrite (click here to get tickets now)

Johnny Romeo  |  Anthony Lister  |  Phibs  |  Scott Marsh  |  Numskull  |  Jumbo  |  HAHA  |  Camo  | 
Karen Farmer  |  Martin Claydon  

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9 Hours Underground

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The exhibition, titled ‘9 Hours Underground’, was curated in association with artist agentKate Smith and featured leading contemporary artists including Archibald finalists, Blake Prize winners, Moran Portrait Prize winners…

This exceptional group show welcomed almost 1000 members of the public during its open week in September 2017.

Giles Alexander  |  Alexandru Cinean  |  Maree Clarke  |  Nick Collerson  |  Jonathan Dalton  |  David Eastwood  |  Robert Hague  |  Alan Jones  |  Tamara Kostianovsky  |  Stuart McLachlan  |  Jose Luis Puche Nieto  |  Monika Scarrabelotti  |  Damien Shen  |  Peter Wegner